Haji Dossa Nutralgum (Pvt.) Limited was established as a joint venture between Haji Dossa Limited and Nutralgum SPA Milano in 1962.

Haji Dossa Limited founded by Haji Esmail Dossa in Bombay, India in 1934 was involved in trading, manufacturing and exporting of various Agro-Based products. In 1956, the company began trading and exporting guar seed and has not looked back since.

From then on, the business of guar has evolved tremendously and now, Haji Dossa Nutralgum (Pvt.) Ltd. is the largest producer of guar gum powder in Pakistan; producing world-class guar gum products in a world class plant.

Not only does the company manufacture Guar Gum Products, but are owners and operators of the following units:

RELIANCE INDUSTRIES (Pvt.) Ltd. (Guar Gum Powder)


AMEER BOARD (Particle Board & UF Glue)

HDNG Textiles (Pvt.) LTD. (Textiles & Terry Towels)

RUSTUM FEED (Animal feed)

Who We Are?

Haji Dossa Nutralgum (Pvt.) Ltd is a household name in the Guar Gum manufacturing business. It has been established since 1956 and has been trading and exporting guar gum powder since then. With exports in over 40 countries, Haji Dossa’s products are being distributed worldwide with applications in many different industries.